Spinnin' 45s sans Metal

The 80s saw the end of the metal medallion as well as the last time the medallion was hidden outside the city of St. Paul (until the green donut hunt of 2004). Maplewood, for one, wasn't too fond of having its Wakefield Park ripped apart for the second time in a dozen years; and diggers weren't all that thrilled with the hi-tech gadgetry that some hunters surveyed the land with. But the best part about medallion history in the 1980s: White Castle found its way into hunt lore.

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
1980Como ParkNear the Schiller StatueCovered in plaster, made to look like a stone
1981Acorn ParkAcross the walking path from the skating rinkStuck between a pair of leaves
1982Wakefield ParkNear the sledding hill on Prosperity Ave.Wrapped in a newspaper
1983Phalen ParkNear the picnic pavilionIn a bag of Oreo's; it replaced the filling in one of the cookies
1984Newell ParkNear the southeast corner of the parkAttached to a piece of a broken Elvis Presley 45rpm record
1985Kellogg ParkUnderneath a boulder near the Robert. St. end of the parkTucked inside a White Castle box
1986Highland ParkNear the old Highland Park swimming poolInside a pipe cap
1987Indian Mounds ParkIn the block bordered by Mounds Blvd., Mounds St., and Clemont St.Hidden in a clump of clay and grass
1988Tony Schmidt ParkBetween the parking lot and domed shelter across the street from Lake JohannaEmbedded in a chunk of almond bark
1989State Capitol MallBetween the hedges south of Constitution Ave.In a pair of earmuffs