Rekindling the Fire in Cold Times

The hiding places of the '90s showed a certain respect for the avid hunter, with Conway Park factoring into digging efforts for the first time in hunt history and Cherokee Park turning up twice in the same decade. The hunt, as a whole, enjoyed renewed interest through cellular and Internet technology, and with an upgrade in prize money. With prior trouble in suburban locales, the medallion remained in St. Paul proper. In this case, shrinking the area of influence might have helped the greater cause: fun.

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
1990Como ParkPointed at by the torpedo monumentIn a clump of clay and grass
1991Langford ParkNear the intersection of Knapp Pl. and Knapp St.Inside a Hostess Sno-Ball
1992Cherokee ParkNear the bend in Cherokee Ave. as it makes its way towards Smith. AveHidden in a White Mitten
1993Hidden Falls ParkBetween the bike path and the entrance road downhill from the North entranceConcealed in a baby diaper
1994Highland ParkNear the Police StationInside a wooden box
1995Battle Creek ParkNear the picnic shelter on Winthrop St.Wrapped in a knit yarn pouch
1996Harriet Island ParkNear the picnic shelter Inside a Skoal Tobacco Container
1997Como ParkAcross Estabrook Drive from the frog pond, in a stand of 27 treesWrapped in a bandana stuffed in a Curad bandage box
1998Cherokee ParkNear the woods at the south end of the parkInside an "Old Navy" brand sock
1999Conway Rec. CenterAcross the street from 459 Ruth St. in the Northwest corner of the parkInside a crocheted pouch