2021 Chippewa Valley Treasure Hunt 2


  1. This treasure hunt is a free community event with a $1,000 prize. There is nothing to purchase. The clues as well as possible future hints will be posted on the Official Facebook Page.
  2. In order to claim the $1,000 prize, a hunter must properly interpret the Official Clues to find "The Stone". It is a small, smooth stone about 4 inches in diameter. An official photo will be released depicting the stone. Upon retrieving the stone, the finder must send a private message to the Official Facebook Page and describe the stone's hiding place. Upon confirmation of the find, an announcement will be made congratulating the winner on both the Facebook page and Facebook discussion group. The winner's name will be released, as well. Sometime after the prize has been awarded, a full explanation of the clues and hints will be released either in text form, video form, or both.
  3. The stone will be hidden within the boundaries defined by the "Official Boundary Map". Only public land is in play. The stone is NOT hidden on private property. The stone is hidden in a safe, accessible location on public land. The stone is NOT hidden in any body of water, nor is it near any cliff edge. The stone will NOT be hidden on a steep slope. Tree climbing is NOT required. The stone will NOT be hidden in any cemetery, school property, university property, or church property. While it is not wheelchair accessible, it does not require any specialized equipment beyond a garden hoe or small shovel to remove snow that may or may not be concealing the stone. The stone is NOT buried underground. The stone will NOT be hidden inside or under any electrical boxes or fixtures.
  4. As winter weather can be unpredictable, it is possible that the stone may become frozen in snow and ice in its hiding place. If this is the case, a tool to gently chip ice away may be necessary for retrieving the stone. This does NOT mean that hunters can freely hack away at buildings, picnic tables, benches, trees, or other structures or fixtures that may have ice present. NOTHING needs to be defaced, destroyed, dismantled, or removed to retrieve the stone. The stone is hidden outdoors, and therefore: ice, snow, sticks, and debris may accumulate in its hiding spot. Please respect and be gentle with any are you are searching in. Digging in the snow is fine, damaging our public lands is not.
  5. Hunters must follow all local laws and ordinances (such as park closing times).
  6. Rules may be amended or changed at any time. If this occurs, an announcement will be made.
  7. Edit to the rules: the stone is Not hidden in Putnam Park in Eau Claire. Putnam Park is designated as a state natural area but is owned by UW-Eau Claire.
Hunt information
First Clue:Tuesday, February 23, 2021
Found on:Saturday, February 27, 2021
Nick Osterude
Maximum Prize:$1000
Awarded Prize:$1000
General Location:Area 178
Exact Location:
Published on Tuesday, February 23, 2021
After a successful transaction
The first puzzle now ashen
Another one has been crafted for all
When seeking the region
Following the legion
Might not be the best call

A crossroads awaits
Near the zone of the plates
And some sevens contained on a sign
The wrong choice leads astray
So don't go underway
Heed the hanger to know the true line

In order to get hotter
Cross the bridge over water
Then choose the path into the maze
A globe shall then beckon
And this is the second
That will lead you to the final blaze

Through lumber and snow
Above the water aglow
Reach an arch of gold and of red
You'll need to quell fear
For eight or more paces from here
Hides the stone in the maw of the dead
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Published on Friday, February 26, 2021
Official Hint #1:

There's a hidden solution
In the poem's convolution
Obscured by two many words

The thing about bones,
Hanging globes, and stones:
They're not found in the nests of birds...
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