Cooler Crew Art, Music and Poetry

Original Art, Music, and Poetry from member of the Cooler Crew.

We've got an awful lot of talent around these parts for poetry, art, music, photography, and yes even the occasional mock hunt. These pages are a showcase for those talents (except for the mock hunts, which we take care of elsewhere).

Title Author(s)
Alli-Sins Eags
An Untitled Poem Leelabell
Cooler Kid East Side Digger
Don't Stop Diggin' Ares
Got the Clue? Artemis the Huntress
Have a Successful St. Paul Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt Zephyrus, Protector of Freedom
Hotel Coolerfornia Allison Wonderland
Maybe Next Year Zephyrus, Protector of Freedom
Me2 and the Coolerheads Me2
Medallion Hunt Heros KCØGRN
Tim the Hunter
Ode to Hunt Comedy Curtis
Scribe on the "Pop" Rocks Me2
The Pre-Hunt Warmup The Batman
Treasure Hunt Blues Artemis the Huntress
'Twas the Eve of the Hunt Liquor lady