When the City Was the Stage

Public parks were still a big option in decade two, with six of the ten hunts occurring in more open areas. But hunters had a great deal more to think about in the 60s. No, I'm not talking about the political, musical, and generational changes so evident of the times. We'll leave that for a Time/Life Presents... series. Thoughts of medallion hunters were on the implications of a quick repeat of Harriet Island (1960 and 1966), a slightly longer repeat of Highland Park (1961 and 1968), and of hiding the booty near Rondo Street in the early half of the decade and off of I-35E in the later one. Interstate culture was upon the Twin Cities, and with the added bustle, the medallion would soon be relegated to the public park system. That Interstate culture led to 3 of the 10 dig sites from this decade no longer being accessible to future hunters. The sites of the 1962, 1963, and 1969 hunts are now concrete gardens, with the interchange of I-94 and Marion Street/Kellogg Boulevard being built on top of the 1963 site, and Interstate 35E being built over the 1962 and 1969 sites.

In addition, the '60s saw the last hunt at the Fairgrounds. They're off limits for hunters now, because of the public property in Ramsey County rule. Combine this with the fact that Harriet Island has undergone major renovations since the '60s, and you've got half of the dig sites no longer as they were back then.

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
1960Harriet Island ParkIn the woods in the west end of the parkIn the heel of a rubber boot
1961Highland ParkNear the ballfields at Montreal and Edgecumbe in the fire pitA clump of grass and weeds
1962Mississippi Street FreewayNear a survey marker for the soon-to-be Interstate 35E, near the intersection of Mississippi St. and Lawson AvenueHard-packed snow
1963Bounded by Farrington and Louis Sts. and Rondo and Carroll Aves.On the ground near a hollow stumpLoosely tossed in the snow
1964Beaver Lake ParkNear the intersection of Edgewater Blvd. and Geranium AvenueA gold colored brick
1965Como Park100 paces east of the Larry Ho plaqueA block of printer's lead
1966Harriet Island ParkBetween the baseball diamondsAn old-fashioned clothes iron
1967Minnesota State FairgroundsBetween the Judging Arena and the KTCA boothA horseshoe
1968Highland ParkNear three oak trees up the hill from the intersection of Lexington Pkwy, Montreal Ave., and W. 7th St.A piece of plasterboard
1969Interstate 35E at Victoria StreetOn the bridge of the then-future highway intersectionFrozen rocks