Thieves With Plastic Blue Hearts

This is a nonprofit site meant to add further enjoyment to a St. Paul, Minnesota hobby and tradition. At present, this site exists because the St. Paul Pioneer Press has allowed it to. Truth is, without the cooperation of the Pioneer Press and the exceptional folks at Pioneer Planet this site would be hard to operate, being that much of the good stuff is copyrighted by the Pioneer Press. The clues are the real butter for this basket of breadsticks and without them there''s really no point in pursuing all else that follows. The clues belong to the Pioneer Press.

We do, however, develop original material, as a simple post of the clues would be quite dry. For instance, the explanations are not all Press originals. The stories and images are not press originals unless otherwise stated. And when credit is known, it is given. In no way are we trying to steal for personal gain. Where we will take credit is in the compilation of this material. Nowhere else is this done, thus the reason why the St. Paul paper seems to have taken a fancy toward our endeavors.

So enjoy, contribute, and let us know when we seem to have overstepped our bounds. Now go look at something more fun to read.

Greg Sax
Site Founder