Meet the Cooler Crew

The Cooler Crew is a diverse group of individuals. There is no organizational structure with presidents and officers and what-not. There are no requirements for membership. In fact there isn't really "membership" per se as other clubs have. So, with that said, here's a list of some of the great people you will find around the Cooler. It is by no means complete. Much of the information was provided directly by those great people. Some people are comfortable revealing contact information. Some people aren't. All of them have their avatar as seen on the Cooler Crew Discussion Boards included, and many have got actual pictures of themselves. If you're new to the group, new to the pre-dig or the re-hash, feel free to print off this page and bring it with you to an event, or to the Pioneer Press line. We're happy to help you put names with faces! Oh, and if you're not included here and want to be, its not intentional, and chances are its not even an oversight. We just don't have any information on you! Contact us, and we'll get it fixed ASAP! And now, on with the show!

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AKA: Jason AKA: The Webmaster AKA: TC's Hubby Been hunting "full-time" since 1999, running the Cooler Crew site since 2002 Closest ever to puck: Conway 1999, when we decided that where we were hunting had no decent way to hide the puck and went and dug up the field diagonally across the park from where we were at. We should have stayed at our original backstop. Best hunting memory: meeting my wife. Having a boatload of Coolerheads at the wedding. That and a bunch of life long friendships. On the side I run an iPhone Software Development Company. Email: jasondmichaelson@Spam Me
Art Vandelay
AKA: Dan I looked for the medallion several times when I was little. My wife the SnowJester got me into serious hunting in 2003. I have since enjoyed the hobby of hunting for the puck and have met many great people. I enjoy many of the kind and friendly people who welcomed me to the Cooler Crew and am looking forward to many more hunts. My favorite hunt by far was the Crosby hunt of 05. I always love to hear a good joke and you can find me usually on the Cooler Crew Chats. Happy Hunting! E-mail Yahoo messenger - dsbeaubien
Artemis the Huntress
AKA: Kelly Labrosse Originally from SSP, grew up hanging out @StPaul, especially the parks down by the river, skipped school as a teenager once or twice to hunt for the medallion but didn't really start hunting until 1997 with Marley King. Currently living "up north" but we always take time off to go down to "the cities" for the hunt.
I hunted once or twice in Cherokee in 1992 but my kids were small and I lived in New Brighton; and I didn't know anyone! I really don't recall what led me into the 2004 hunt but I had been on the pp boards and Scribe invited me to the Pre-Dig and into the Cooler. I went and saw No Time for Cold Feet (by myself!) at the Bell Museum that day so that I could place faces to names at the Pre-Dig. That helped a lot! The 2004 hunt is very special to me because my daughter (Brooke) covertly convinced my sister, Julie, to fly up from Texas for the hunt, the Carnival, the ice palace, and all of the NHL stuff that was going on that year. I was so surprised! We had so much fun that Julie has come up every year since then! Favorite hunt: Crosby (until I find it, then that will be my favorite hunt!)
Big G
Searching for the puck since Newell 2000. Was a lurker on the PP page for a while, posted for Como 2001 and Merriam, and became better known as a Cooler member in 2003. I run my own freelance graphic design/digital art business. More digital art than graphic design really, as I do about 10 or more art fairs a year around the cities and only have one graphic design client who likes to boss me around a lot.
  • E-mail: artbygiesla@(mmmspam) orladyofhifi@(spamandcheese) or birdieg@(spamspamspam)
  • Check out my website to see my work!
I am a third-generation medallion hunter and have been looking for the medallion since I was a kid when my mom would bring me along to the parks. I consider myself a 30-year veteran as I really became involved when I was about 10 years old. My wife Stephanie has now become hooked on the hunt due to my obsession and enjoys clue solving as well. My medallion claim to fame is Hidden Falls 2007 when I helped Jake find the medallion by cracking the 3rd clue with the word “level” in Cleveland, 2010 When Jake and I found the medallion again in Lilydale Park, and 2018 When I found the medallion for a third time at Harriet Island. I have been extremely fortunate with the treasure hunt and with the good fortune has come great times and lasting friendships. I’d like to thank my Mom, Steve Worthman, Jesse Anibas, Jason Michaelson, and Jake Ingebrigtson, all who have helped along the way and provided invaluable time and resources to the treasure hunt.
Cereal Killer
AkA ICEMAN, Jeremy He was born not of this world but of a world not to Different from your own well trying to find a place to hid the Lucky Charms he took a wrong turn at Satran and found this crazy thing you call hunting and figured what better way to hid His Lucky Charms then to see how its done by a PRO and has stuck around Never to age after his first year here in 1980! He is now one of the Crazy people that call them self's the Cooler Crew! His home was frozen like this great place called Minnesota and the people of his home planet had names like Wicked Nick and Zephyrus and they palyed music like Pink Floyd and Pantera!! they rocked out with the greats Like Johnny Cash and Insane Clown Posse!!
Clue Master
Dave "DDY" Young
  • AKA: Santa Dave and DDY
  • Sadly, Santa Dave is no longer with us.
AKA: Kathy I have been a medallion hunter since 1994. Joined the cooler in 1999. Attended my first PDG and RHB in 2004. I love to do Cryptogram puzzles. I enjoy hiking, geocaching, camping and fishing. You will usually find me hunting in the parks with the Diggin' Darlins'
...started hunting the year of Chair-o-key. Attended the first rehash bash.Just moved back from Marquette MI. Haven't gotten to hunt much the past ten years, but I am going to make up for that this year! Hobbies include writing, quilting, hiking, snowshoeing and helping lost dogs reunite with their people. Love Carbone's pizza and Chinese food. Two grown sons, Mags and Drummer. Two daughters-in-law, one for each son. Two grandcats and a granddog. Grandson on the way! Due May 18.
East Side Digger
AKA: ESD or Russell Time hunting: I started Hunting for the Medallion in 1978 but I did not get Fanatical about it till 1995. Hobbies: Medallion Hunting, Art, and I collect WW 2 and older Military Fire Arms. E-mail:
AKA: Bob Hunting info: Terry and I have just finished our 39th hunt together. I caught more than hunting fever and we were married shortly after that first hunt.
AKA: Katie Cherokee was my first hunt, Started "lurking" on PF during the Conway hunt. The first Coolerhead I met was Artemis, who wanted to meet my pet wolf "Hannah", aka "stinky". I met a bunch more 'Heads when we had a fall bonfire/potluck at Crosby. I since then have fallen deeply, and madly in love with all of you, and proudly represent the Cooler Crew in the suburb of Richfield. My hubby Dan will put all of us to shame when it comes to dissecting clues by looking up words like "the", "and" "if" and "should". My son James, aka "The Boy", will avoid both of us for these 2 weeks, but is happy to go out hunting at 2AM, if he can skip school the next day. You can e-gram me thru the Ableminds, and be nice.
AKA: Kat I have been hunting the medallion for as long as I can remember. I started hunting with my sister years ago. Once old enough I became heavily involved with the Winter Carnival co-chairing and then chairing Family Fun Day at the Landmark Center after that I became a Tax Collector (button seller) in 2001. I use to read about the Cooler Crew on-line and one year two new Tax Collectors joined (I believe it was 2005); Scribe and Big G… it was then they introduced me into the world of the Crew! There must be something that I am doing right as I have been in the right park for the past 12 years. The closest I came was in 2000 in Newell Park. My sister and I had been searching all morning when it was time for us to leave to attend my niece’s birthday party. I didn’t want to go as I KNEW it was there and I could hear it taunting me – I took a rest on a wooden park swing to run the clues in my head one more time – I told my sister as soon as we are able we HAD TO come back because it was here. The 5 o‘clock news had the winner – a gentlemen that I bumped shoulders with as I exited the park – he found it about 5 feet from the swing I was sitting on…. I haven’t been to a birthday party during the hunt since. In my spare time I am an event planner and attempting to have my own business. No matter if you’re an avid hunter, or a leisure hunter or someone who just enjoys the winter… I thank everyone for supporting such a fabulous event as the St. Paul Winter Carnival!
  • AKA: Kitch
  • Time hunting: I have dug in prior years (4x) but was just wasting my time. Not really official without the help of the coolercrew. So I'm saying 2004 is my 1st REAL YEAR. I also enjoy Geocaching.
  • E-mail: 4kitch@(nospam)
  • AIM: b4kitch
  • Yahoo messenger: b4Kitch
AKA: Redram or Kevin I have been hunting on and off since I was a kid. I met the crew 5 years ago while just lurking. My first RHB was 2002. My first PDG 2004.
L and A Mommy
AKA: Jeri Lynn, JL, LAM, Lisa and Amy’s Mommy. Hunting since 1999. Been with the CC since 2002. Lisa and Amy are third generation hunters. Favorite hunt to date: Crosby! Contact me at jerilynn.stuge@spam me
AKA: LiL'Man or Rich I've been hunting seriously since '93 but have been digging for 25 yrs (parents you know). My favorite park has to be Indian Mounds Park Clue Master knows what I'm talking about it's his too! Best hunt by far was Chair-O-Key they had me @ mounds for longest time, damn them all to hell for doing that to me! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. By the way if you ever need a DJ to help you be the Hostess with the mostest. Just call on your neighborhood friendly DJ LiL' Man!!!!!!!!! E-mail:
AKA: Stephanie I have been on the hunt since Como in 2001. I am on the wrong side of the river, but the crew let me in!
Liquor Lady
AKA: LL, Kelli Time hunting: started hunting in 1991. My favorite park is phalen and favorite hunt was conway. Email: kgschewe(nospam) AIM: liquorlady2000
AKA: Sunny, Samantha 1st and only hunt so far - was 1986, went to see the Ice Palace and when I got smudged by a Vulcan - I yelled at him calling him a Meanie - and then burst into tears. When we got home I broke the zipper on my snowsuit - and well, lets just say the rest of the night was down hill from there.
AKA: Mad Dog, Dan
The Map Guy
AKA: Mappy, Steve Otherwise known as the map guy Website
Marley King
AKA: Steven Hoosline Originally from Mpls but always curious about the St Paul Winter Carnival, and after hunting for the first time with Artemis The Huntress in 1997 - hooked for life! Currently living "up north" but we always take time off to go down to "the cities" for the hunt. Biggest treasure hunt find to date: Kanabec County Treasure Hunt 2010.
  • AKA: Jana
  • "Ask the Historian" at
  • EMAIL: me2minnesota@(nospam)
AKA: E-mail: goldenbear21@(nospam)
Mr. Med Hunter
AKA: Jesse First Hunt: 1989 (State Capitol) after being transplanted from Wisconsin. Hobbies: geocaching, building web sites, Nascar and American Cancer Society Relay for Life Email: medhunter@(nospam) or mrmedhunter@(nospam) Website:
AKA: Mike I was born and raised on the east side of St Paul and I've been hunting all my life! Meeting new hunters is the best part of all of it! I've never found it, but was next to the finder in 2001 in Como Park. Came very close a few times since. I was really close and in the right spot/tree on day 2 in 2005 in Crosby. Maybe this year will be my year! Hope to see you all in the parks! Contact me on Able Minds or visit my Flickr page.
AKA: Nicole Time hunting: My first hunt was in 1988. Since I was 10 years old, I'm 26 now.... so about 16 years :) Haha I sound ancient! E-mail: evensonwbl@(nospam) AIM: TelStarWBL Yahoo messenger: Mystical_Muzik
New Daddy
AKA Conrad I was first introduced to the hunt as a toddler from East St. Paul. My parents would partake in a little snow-kicking as part of the Winter Carnival events. I; however, took the bait. I remember years I wasn't old enough to cross a major street, but I wanted to hunt. So, I would go "hunt" on the Scenic Overlook by Mounds Park. Boy how I could make those clues fit that overlook. My childhood imagination mostly remains. Forty years later, I still cruise by the overlook-every year-if only for a moment or two. For me, the medallion hunt is more about who I am than what I'll win. Several years ago, I was pulled from the PP chat-site and was welcomed to the Cooler Crew. The first CC member I ever met; oddly enough, I met at that same overlook. I chose the name Nimrod, the great hunter... before my wife chose "Mrs. Jack Ass"... which would have really locked me in. email
Novacain Tongue
AKA: Gordy Time hunting: Hunting since 1994, you don't see me post often during the hunt because liquor lady hogs the computer! Contact me on ableminds if you can find me
AKA Old Timer You can contact me on Ableminds.
  • AKA: OTiS or Dan
  • Time Hunting- First hunt was 2003 (Como). 2004 was my first hunt with the Cooler Crew. Minnesota transplant, yes I am after my time in Germany we moved to Minnesota in 2000.
  • OT led me to Cooler Crew in 2004. Never lurked just hoped online. Green invited me to the PDG and the rest is history.
  • Yahoo messenger: OTS-ON_THE_SEARCH
  • AIM: OTS Coolertimes
Pay Me
  • AKA: Steph
  • Time Hunting- First hunt was 2003 noodling from home (Como). 2004 was my first hunt with the Cooler Crew.
  • Minnesota transplant. :)
  • AKA: Randy Rust
  • I'm a Hugo resident and have been hunting since 1998 - Cherokee Sock Year!
  • I have have been posting since 1999.....
  • E-Mail:
Hunting history: Inks and I have just finished our 39th hunt together. Inks caught the fever from me. Inks and I started hunting in 1971. Wakefield Park - found on the lake in a bike tire. Tons of snow that year to shovel. As a young child, I would noodle clues with my Mom who hunted at night with a neighbor. It's what gave me the fever. We still talk about the clues every year. The first hunt, 1952, was the same year I was born. Born to hunt! :-) Contact me on ableminds
AKA: Jason, TMK, Kids Started hunting in 1998 with the Cherokee hunt. EMAIL: AIM: roget44
  • AKA: Timmers
  • Hunt history- been hunting since 98.
  • Favorite hunting tool- Gonkulator.
  • Closest I have ever been to the medallion- within 2 feet and moving towards it at Crosby in 05, left the spot because I released a nasty Chipotle Burrito fart.
  • Favorite hunting partner- my dad. close second is OTiS, the big teddy bear.
  • Favorite medallion hunting book- The one by Mr. Med Hunter.
  • Favorite Map book- hudsons street atlas. Distant second is mape gui's book.
  • Perpetual hunt prediction: Battle Creek
  • EMAIL: tim_the_hunter@(nospam) or mnwildfan79@(spammenot)
  • AIM: mnwildfan79
Treasure Chest
AKA: Sue, TC, Ares' Wife, Pedro's Mom, and Honey's and Nadia's and Storm's Email: susiec1313@spam me
Wicked Nick
The History Of Wicked Nick (the beginning - 2006) Basically i've been hunting for the medallion, since I was a little kid.... but only got "serious" about it, back in like 1995 or so... when I met a good friend in highschool....During that time.... we discovered the old Pioneer Planet website, and their water-cooler message boards, complete with the "Cooler Crew" group.... Ive considered myself a member of that gang ever since... around that time, we also discovered the band - "Insane Clown Posse", and took the idea of doing face paint, with their designs while out hunting.... I took "Violent J", and he became "Shaggy 2 Dope"....------- throughout our hunting time, we made it loud and clear that since Phalen Park is in our "hood", should it be hidden there, we would stop at no costs to find it.... 2004, brought us that chance.... From the 2000 Newell hunt, on to that very year, we had come closer (we felt) than anyone in the history of hunting, anyplace.... and were determined to not let "our park" be another one on that list....we were convinced it was there after clue 2, and were out looking every day and every night..... as hardcore as hardcore can be, basically....but alas.... it was found the morning of clue 12.... and we were standing less than 15 feet away.... details are still sketchy, but I believe it was dropped there, that morning by the "hider"..... throughout that years offseason, things were set in motion to change the outlook of our famed team, known to the hunting world as "The Klowns"....and we went our seperate ways.....for myself, the paint came off, and I re-emerged all through that off-season and into the next Hunt... still determined to not let phalen happen to me again....we felt that we were onto something, as of clue #2, and headed to Crosby Park.....With the help of fellow cooler crew member Mr. MNMikey, we discovered the famous "downed tree" that night.....the same very tree that the medallion was found under, after a few more clues lead to that exact spot....Once again, the following offseason lead to more happenings, to change the landscape of hunts to come for myself.... Will 2006 be THE year? What events will this hunt bring forth? Stay tuned. AIM - wickednick408899 Yahoo - wickednick81
Wolfpac consists of Jim, Kathy, Paula, Chris, Patty, Ian, Shannon and Kevin and baby Connor. We must take full responsibility of getting Tim-the-Hunter involved in the hunt. Some day we'll find it!!!!
AKA: Jason I have been a full fledged member of the Cooler Crew since Jan 2005. I have posted with the BB on the PP site for a few years prior to that. My first actual in the park hunt was 2002 or 2003, but have off and on kept up with the clues with my mom since I was a kid... (her dad found the treasure chest in 1954) I was all about last year, see if you can find me this year!