A Simpler Time? You Be the Judge

The hunt was always front-page material back in the decade of its inception, with monstrous pictures of the smiling finders and headlines that pushed Ike's policies to the fourth column. From the pre-medallion treasure chest worth $1,100 to the $2,000 "MEDALLION FOUND" splash on the front of the Saturday, February 7, 1959 St. Paul Dispatch, the city was alive with treasure talk. The stories were long and numerous, Jerry Fearing was drawing elaborate maps of the hiding locations, and the evergrowing Longtin family finished off the 50s with what would be the first of two finds. The hunt was an instant success, but you'll see that the times had a weird and mean side, too, as we eventually build the stories around the clues. And if all goes as planned.....we'll have those historical Fearing drawings as well.

YearGeneral LocationPinpointed LocationConcealer
1952Highland ParkLeland & W. 7th StreetTreasure Chest in a clump of weeds
1953Cherokee ParkNear the tennis courts at Delaware St. and Cherokee Ave.Snow and dried leaves
1953Minnesota State FairgroundsNear the Poultry BuildingNear the base of a tree
1954Hidden Falls ParkInside the park entrance by the Ford PlantInside the base of a dead, hollow tree
1955Downtown Saint PaulUnderneath a mailbox at 7th and Robert StreetsMagnetized under the mailbox
1956Como ParkNear the Old Stone FireplaceInside a Hollow Log
1957Battle Creek ParkNear the county workhouse farmAbove ground in a clump of roots
1958Keller ParkUnder the Highway 61 bridge between Phalen and Keller ParksIn a gallon of milk frozen around the medallion
1959Warner RoadNear the railroad signal structuresBetween leaves in a tree