Credits alphabetical order, by Cooler Crew screen name, where applicable

People and Organizations

Allison Wonderland Treasure Hunt Trainer, Maker of Mock Hunts
Mr. Med Hunter, Jesse Anibas, the Realm's Treasure Hunter unsolicited clue-typing help (1970s in particular)
Ares webmaster, and archives-keeper
Artemis the Huntress HTML help, reporter, webmistress of King's Commons, bumper stickers and all around huntress!
Roger Barr Author, The Treasure Hunt; early, important advice
BeeyoB an early Crew mainstay
Brett Benson an early keystone within Pioneer Planet
Big G logo artist
Marcia Brass extra 1993-94 clue deciphering
Camo Crue inspiration; not in name but in determination
Eags the funkdoobiest
*Mom* and *Dad* buttons, arrangement, and the in-betweens
Jackie Garry Cooler film chronicler
Green Taskmaster General and so much more
Elizabeth Hanninen typin', programmin'
Ian always on the right side
Jake Inge Research and hunt addict
Ittiz Eye Sioux City's finest; pages in the night
Karl Karlson Pioneer Press writer
East Side Digger, Katuin Illustrations Cooler Kid, logo artist
KCØGRN Google Map Maker
Jim Kramer Typo detection in the Pioneer Press Hunt Pages
Mike Madland photos, images from his 1988 find
Marley King webmaster of King's Commons, bumperstickers, "Coolerhead for life"
Me2 supplying M&M's and being the life of the party in the cooler. Snowflake organizing.
Mishaba for all efforts otherwise unnoticed
MJ Clue typing and getting together at the Great Minnesota State Fair
Sherri Osborn a very early player in all that this is and a recent HTML fiend helping to get all the clues up
Pioneer Press all the rich history and excellent heritage
Greg Sax The original webspinner of this site, writer, editor, what have you...
Casey Selix Pioneer Press writer
Joe Soucheray Press columnist, hunt curmudgeon
The Internet Wayback Machine For the archive that allowed the comprehensive collection of historical material from the site
Trent Tooley Cooler film chronicler
Casey Trauer former Planet nightman, early inside supporter
Treasure Chest Cooler Crew Webmistress, Ares' partner in crime, critic, and inspiration, and chief Cooler Crew prankster.
Terry Valentine coolest of the Coolerheads
Jim Walsh Pioneer Press writer, 1998 diary entries
Whale Time motivational outfit that prefers night digging and e-noodles
Steve Worthman author of invaluable park guidebook; Cooler Crew supporter
Dave "DDY" Young photos and longtime support, may he rest in peace.
Ron Young carnival button king
Zephyrus, Protector of Freedom poetry -- Maybe Next Year


When the Cooler Crew site got started, it was a lot of static pages. Now with over 800 pages, and a quarter of a million archived discussion board posts, together with a planned set of future forums on the site and various other goodies, managing those pages when a menu link changes is impossible. So, there's a lot of software in place to deliver you the content you want when you want it, and to make it easy for us to manage it when we want to. So, here goes.

3 Dogs and a Cat Softwarre Ares' company, which provides all the custom code and web design that goes into the place.
Debian GNU/Linux The operating system that everything below here runs on.
Drupal The content management system in place that powers the Cooler Crew web site.
PHP Hypertext Processor For the dynamic web page engine
The Apache Software Foundation The Web Server software that powers the site
MySQL The database that keeps this place going

Many people have helped get this thing off the ground, which means if you see that a name needs to be added to the list, contact the webmasters, and it will likely appear the next day. Credit will be given to both those who have inspired and those who continue to aspire to great things for Cooler Crew. Those who perspire heavily and for no good reason will likely be left off the list (unless they have an explanatory medical certificate).