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Hunting at Crosby

Getting in a bit more hunting at Crosby.

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Checking out the Ice Sculptures

Chillaxing and checking out the ice sculptures in Rice Park before heading down to Crosby to hunt.

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Lord Zephy, Knighting Ceremony by King Winter XLIX

The second knighting ceremony of the carnival.

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Sir Zephy, Protector of Freedom, Vulcanus Rex LXVIII Knighting

.... and rise, Sir Zephy, Protector of Freedom!

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Zephy Performs With the Klondike Kate Cabaret

Thanks to Mystical Muzik for arranging these shots.

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Zephy attends the Grande Day Parade

Zeph's Adventures at the 2005 Grande Day Parade

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Saintly City Cat Show

Zephy enters his kitty in the Saintly City Cat Show.


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