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Holy crap its summer already

Yup. The 2019 summer treasure hunt season kicks off today with the Somerset Pea Soup Days Medallion Hunt. It just hit me that I never wrote a wrap up of the 2019 Pioneer Press hunt. Perhaps its because nearly four months after the fact my face is finally starting to thaw out. Yes, the 2019 hunt was a cold one. I managed to get out for about 3 hours the Tuesday of the final week of the hunt, bundled up to the nine's. I don't envy those who were out there that last day, except for JC. H certainly earned his prize!

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2006 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt Photos

Photos of the 2006 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt

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Cooler Crew featured on this year's Winter Carnival button

Whether intentional or not, some Coolerheads managed to appear on this years Winter Carnival button. 

 This year's treasure hunter Winter Carnival button features a group of hunters digging around a tree in an otherwise unidentified park. The button release had folks wondering what the source of the picture was. Wonder no more. The picture was on the front page of the Friday, January 24, 2014, Pioneer Press, with a title of "BRRR-URIED TREASURE HUNTERS"

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An update on the forum

The Water Cooler has been operational here for a couple of months now, so I thought I'd give a quick update on it.

As of right now, a few changes have been made based on feedback of the folks who have used it. The big one that's still out there is the inability to delete comments. At this point, there's a tradeoff between how we want the forum to look versus deleting comments. If we want to maintain the look linearly, I have to lock down the ability to delete comments, because deleting a comment right now results in all of the replies also get deleted, which would majorly screw up comments in a linear fashion.

That all said, I'm working on migrating the forum posts from the forum archive section of the database into the main site management system. This consists of several steps:

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A new Water Cooler to chat on

If you're still active on Ableminds, you know that for the past few weeks it hasn't been well. The latest update we have from them, as of Saturday is as follows:

The Ableminds Forum database is corrupt and we have been unable to find a way to recover it. We consulted a few other experts and there were a couple of suggestions offered, but unfortunately it doesn't seem possible to recover most of the information that was in the database.

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Looking back on the infectiousness of the 2018 hunt

The hunt has been over for nearly two weeks now. Rob scored his third Winter Carnival Medalllion find just after the 12th clue came out.

I was destined to be a weekender this year. With schedule changes at work I just couldn't get the time off. So, settling for nightly meetups in the bar and Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoon digging was the plan.

As they always do, however, plans changed.

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Landmarks and Milestones

December. Its that time of year when we all start thinking about the holidays:

  • Hanukkah
  • Festivus
  • Christmas
  • New Year's
  • Medallion Hunt
  • Winter Carnival
  • Super Bowl

You get the idea. For me that means trying to spend some time doing stuff for this web site, always frantically hoping I can get something new added before the hunt and the Carnival, knowing full well that if I don't, it'll be there waiting for me next December (although I am going to commit to getting the Able Minds archive into this site before the hunt). It always does, and I don't mind. But as I get myself into that particular mindset, I find myself poring over the site statistics. This year, I've come across several interesting landmarks and milestones that we've hit this year.

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Reflections on the 2017 Hunt

As February begins, and the 2017 Winter Carnival and Treasure Hunt are behind us, I think it an appropriate time to reflect on the past hunt, the fact that the Cooler Crew has been around for 20 years now (in person versus just online), and what's in store for the future.

The 2017 Hunt

Wow. Just wow. After back to back years outside of the city, there was a lot of speculation that the medallion would have to be back in St. Paul this year. The masses on the Pioneer Press boards were visibly agitated after Snail Lake was followed up by Bald Eagle/Otter Lake, which came on the heels of Tony Schmidt only 3 years earlier, since it is after all the St. Paul Winter Carnival, not the Ramsey County Winter Carnival. If 2015-2016 were unprecendented, 2017 was one for the books. Ma Press hid the puck in Keller Park, leaving the city for three consecutive years, and when including Tony Schmidt, leaving it four out of the last six years. As of this moment, a full half of the hunts in the 2010's have been outside of the city.

When you think about it though, it is rather necessary. With thousands of people searching the clues would have to be spectacularly (and disappointingly) vague in order to have a longer hunt in a smaller park, since we all know far too much about the parks in St. Paul. We'd have nine clues of obscure references around the park, one clue of street names, one clue saying this is the park, and finally the x marks the spot. That's not the makings of a fun hunt. At the same time, we know way too much about the "prime" hunt parks (Highland, Como, Hidden Falls, Crosby, Cherokee, Phalen, Indian Mounds, and Battle Creek) to have an effective hunt in one of them either. And if one of them were used, hunters would be complaining about how Como is overused. Yes, Highland is overdue, but so are Phalen, Crosby, and Beaver Lake for that matter.


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