Cooler Crew featured on this year's Winter Carnival button

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Whether intentional or not, some Coolerheads managed to appear on this years Winter Carnival button. 

 This year's treasure hunter Winter Carnival button features a group of hunters digging around a tree in an otherwise unidentified park. The button release had folks wondering what the source of the picture was. Wonder no more. The picture was on the front page of the Friday, January 24, 2014, Pioneer Press, with a title of "BRRR-URIED TREASURE HUNTERS"

and a caption of "Treasure hunters, from left, Amoreena Burton, Melissa Nordby, Amanda Radford, and Gwen Brummond search for the medallion THursday in St. Paul's Como Park. Burton and Nordby call themselves "The Diggin' Darlins'" while Radford and Brummond go by "Camo Girls." All four are from St. Paul.

Congratulations ladies on making carnival history.

It should be noted that "Amanda" in the caption is a typo for "Wanda".