21st Annual Cooler Crew Pre-Dig Gig (on Friday instead of Saturday)

Friday, January 18, 2019 - 18:00 to 23:45


Joseph's Grill
140 South Wabasha Street Saint Paul, MN 55107
United States

We're now have the final details confirmed for our 21st Predig Gig. Hey cool. We're old enough to drink this year!!!! 

We're changing things up a little bit this year. Once again the annual Cooler Crew Pre-Dig Gig will be held at Joseph's Grill, in the banquet room, on Wabasha. However the event will take place on Friday night instead of Saturday night.

The festivities begin at 6pm. As usual, we do have to spend $500 in food and drink at Joseph's for the room; with this group that won't be a problem though.

Pasta Bar:

The pasta bar will be available for us, for $17 tax and tip included, but it won't include salad. Look for Allison Wonderland to pay for your pasta. The pasta bar will be available from 6-8:30.

Park Pick Pool

As for the Park Pick Pool, we'll be doing it the same way we did last year. Look for Cluey and the cash box at the Pre Dig. He'll be collecting money for the pool. If you’re so inclined you can also pay Allison for your entry when paying for the pasta. Both Cluey and AW will have pick slips with them. Take however many you think you might want. Each one allows you to pick a park and will cost you $5 when you turn it back into him. There are no restrictions on what park you can pick. You can even pick the same park multiple times or you can choose "Field" to cover all the parks no one else picked. Then make sure you put your name and contact info on it and give it (them) back to Clue Master with $5 (each).

You can make a pick at any time. There won't be any order to worry about. But once you have turned in a pick and paid your money, you can't change it (though you could make more picks). Also, you may not pick a regional park with the intention of covering multiple parks.

The way the prizes work is once the medallion is found, we will make a determination of what the winning park was. Then, depending on how many picks were made for that park, we will divide the pot that many ways. Consequently a favorite park like Como could have 10 picks for example and be divided 10 ways. A park like Newell might have 3 picks, in which case each pick gets a third of the pot. A dark horse park like North Dale might have only one pick and would win the entire pot if it was the right park. If you picked a park multiple times, you would get multiple shares of it (so if you had 3 of the 10 Como picks, you would get 30% of the pot).

We won't be posting how people have picked until after the sales have closed. So in addition to picking the park you think it will be at, you may also want to decide if you want to settle for a smaller share of a big park, or go for the long shot and win it all. Or maybe everyone will shy away from the big parks and you can be the only one to pick Como. That is the game we will be playing Friday night.

Group Photo:

We'll be taking a group picture at 9:00pm, with an additional picture taken at closing time. Tables will need to be moved for the group shot. Any help moving them back and forth is greatly appreciated. We will not be chasing people down to notify about the picture. However I may ask to use Joseph's intercom if possible. Don't forget to wear your best smiles. Let's warm up the winter with our Cooler Crew family photo.

CoolerCrew.com Accounts

Given the loss of ableminds after last year's hunt, Ares has enabled one directly on the Cooler Crew web site. You need an account on the site in order to access it. He'll be around with his laptop to hook you up with one, or reset passwords and email addresses if you already have one.