Some treasure hunters take days off work.

Others do it on their lunch breaks.

Like Liz Hitze and Sandy Moen.

“I know it’s a long shot, but it’s all the time we have because we have to work,” said Hitze as the pair began to veer around Indian Mounds Park in St. Paul, an ancient place that received a steady flow of traffic in the annual Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt on Tuesday, on account of its ancientness. (It’s a clue thing.)

Hitze and Moen know that finding the medallion so early in the hunt — only three clues in — is a tall order, and especially with only a short break in work clothes. But both said the coming band of snow — a major concern of many early prospectors — necessitated an outing.

Same for Peggy Gibbs of Mendota Heights, who was also on her lunch break.

“I had to get out before the snow falls, to see what it all looks like now,” she said. 

Hitze and Moen noted that not only were they not dressed for scavenging, they didn’t have the tools of the trade with them, such as rakes and hoes.

“We’re gonna have to dig with our bare hands if we see something,” Hitze said. “But who knows, we could still find it.”

Moen interjected: “And if you put this in the paper, make sure you say we are on our break.”

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