2020 Coldest's Lost Treasure Hunt




- The Treasure Medallion will be hidden on PUBLIC LAND in Ramsey County.

- The Treasure Medallion will not be hidden at Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

- The Treasure Medallion will not be hidden on a standard golf course. 

- The medallion will be hidden no higher then 5 feet off the ground.

- You will not need to deconstruct public property to find the medallion.

- The medallion will not be buried underground but may be covered by leaves or brush.

- The medallion will not be hidden on any steep hill or anywhere dangerous.

- the medallion will not be hidden on any body of water.


- The prize money will be awarded upon return of the medallion.

- You have until the release of clue 4 to register your $10 to win the whole pot. Register here or visit our website at the link at the bottom of this page. Register before May 20th to receive a extra $25 donation if you find it!

-The finder will be able to keep the 2020 Treasure Medallion.

-12 clue hunt.

- One clue per day at 5pm daily, 1st Clue will be released on wed May 20th.

-Scrambled versions of clues will be released a hour early at 4pm.

-Clues will be released first on the home page of this website then on our Medallion Militia Facebook group page.

-If the Treasure Medallion is not found by 12:00AM June 1st 2020, the entire pot and any other added prizes will be rolled over to next years hunt. 

-Unfortunately due to the pandemic of Covid 19 , there will not be a kickoff party this year.

-Please use gloves and follow all CDC Guidelines while hunting. 

-The Treasure Medallion and any items associated with the hunt have been handled with gloves and sanitized right before being hidden.

-Due to Covid 19, Playgrounds are off limits this year (which are never a good place to hide a medallion anyways).

-Same rules apply for the Critical Clue.

- By participating in the 2020 Coldest’s Lost Treasure event you agree to a complete waiver of liability and loss of any property. The clue writer/host of the event will not be at any fault for injuries or any type of losses. 




      I will be releasing a Alternate Path Clue formerly known as the Bonus Clue at the release and along with clue 6. The way it works is, this Alternate Path Clue will not tell you anything about where the Treasure Medallion is located, instead it will lead you to another clue I have hidden on PUBLIC LAND in Ramsey County. This "Critical Clue" will contain essential information on where the Treasure Medallion is located. There will be only 1 copy of the Critical Clue so finders keepers if anyone finds it. The finder is not required to inform anyone on the find even me the clue writer, so hunt for it at your own risk. Will you stay in the path of the treasure, or will you gamble and use your valuable time tracking down the Critical Clue?




      This year we will continue the fun (because we need as much as possible) with a scrambled clue being released at 4pm1 hour before the unscrambled clues are normally released!




      It costs a $10.00 donation to register to win the whole cash prize + prize package (estimated to be $250-$500 in donations + prize package)!  If you chose to not register you can still hunt, but the finder will only be awarded a $100 donation for finding the medallion as a unregistered finder, the rest of the money will be rolled over to next years hunt. We have a cool prize package this year for the 2020 finder!



Hunt information
First Clue:Wednesday, May 20, 2020
Found on:
Maximum Prize:$370
Awarded Prize:
General Location:
Exact Location:
Published on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

While stuck in the house, we’d like to announce.
Our great annual premiere event.
8 years of pleasure, for Coldest’s Lost Treasure.
Hidden with safety and adventurous intent.

Picking up a book, or going out to look.
Make sure to follow every precaution.
We must stay clean, to combat Covid 19
Sanitize and wash your hands much often.

With no delay, the 20th of May -
Will not derail - our hunts staying on track.
Will you make your stamp? Become our new champ?
Or will Josh and his gang go back to back?


Avast ye! All hands hoay!
It’s time to gather your men for battle.
Ready the Cannons and give no quarter, there’s a new king in the saddle.
You will have to climb Jacobs ladder no stunts,
No hornswaggling in this hunt!
Heave ho it’s time to go,
Who will challenge the sea dog Josh and his band of mangy pirates?
Or will you just give the treasure to the tyrants?
It’s time to settle the score, board your Man-O-War,
Be heavily armed and set sail.
Because in Coldest’s Lost Treasure, dead men tell no tales!


We welcome all, to our main treasure hunt ball.
Go hit the parks and enjoy the spring sun.
Within coexistence, please keep your distance.
Follow all guidelines and respect everyone.

As Covid raids, and 2020 fades,
We all strive for fun and distraction.
Try not to panic, in this world of magic.
Connect with a supernatural attraction.

A bird full of rage, and a spike uncaged,
Will guide you along more than a few steps.
Whether small tyke, or old like Mike,
This would be a hotspot to place your bets.
Scrambled Clue:
To main ball hunt we treasure welcome all our
Enjoy hit and spring the go the sun parks
Keep coexistence your please distance within
Respect all everyone follow and guidelines

Fades as raids 2020 covid and
Strive for distraction all we and fun
This in magic to not world panic of try
Supernatural with connect attraction a

Uncaged bird spike of and full a rage a
Along steps than a guide you will more few
Mike whether old small or like tyke
place a be this hotspot to your would
* Keyword "ball" is a reference to the basketball court near the treasure site.
* Keyword "parks" lets you know it's hidden in a park.
* "Follow all guidelines" is a reference to the sign near the woods that reads "No camping, No staying overnight".
* "2020 fades" was a hint at Fairview Avenue. If you have perfect 2020 vision and it fades one could say you have a fair view.
* The supernatural attraction is the Druid's magical oak, as the treasure was hidden a few feet from a big oak tree.
* The "bird of rage" is Angry birds, the main bird in the game is a cardinal, Stanford's basketball team is the cardinals as this clue has a basketball theme to it with mentioning "ball"and "Mike", which is a overall reference to Stanford Newell whom which the park is named after. The "Spike uncaged" is Spike from Tom and Jerry, Spike is a bulldog and while using the basketball theme the Butler Bulldogs should come to mind, overall hinting at Pierce Butler Route bordering the park. This hint needed more than a few steps to crack as the clue mentions.
* Keyword "tyke" is a reference to Young street, nearby the treasure site.
* "Old like Mike" is a reference to Michael Jordan and the nearby basketball court.
* The "hotspot" would be between the basketball court (Mike), and Young street. this gives you the woodsy search area.
* Hot spot "is also a double meaning for the fire pit as there are not a while to of parks with fire pits, also one would place a bet while playing poker so you can loosely get "fire poker" for the fire pit if you wanted to go further.


* Stuck in the house and book hint at the Little Library shaped like a house and the Rome book, what the Critical Clue was hidden in.
* “Derail”hints to a park near train tracks.
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Published on Thursday, May 21, 2020
We all need protection, to avoid infection.
The treasure is social distancing, you should too.
Solve our mystery, with a little wizardry,
Merlin and his forest leaves behind clues
Scrambled Clue:
avoid to we protection need all infection
Treasure social should you too is distancing the
Little wizardry with solve a our mystery
Clues his Merlin leaves forest and behind
* The first line is a reference to the concealer, wrapped in a medical face mask tucked inside a Sudafed flu box.
* Keyword "protection" is also a reference to the protective sleeves that protects small trees to they can grow, the treasure was placed near one of the sleeves.
* "The treasure is social distancing" means the treasure will not be found by near any type of gathering areas such as picnic pavilions, playgrounds, courts, ballfields etc.
* The last line mentions Merlin and his magical forest called Broceliande. Merlin is a magical druid, and they believe that oak trees give them power, Broceliande is a huge predominantly oak. Newell Park is known for its many oak trees within the park. Merlin also had a famous hill and tree, he was also trapped within a oak tree by Vivian or AKA Nimue in Broceliande.The treasure was also hidden near an oak tree.
* all the Welsh references also hint at the Celtic Junction near the park.
* Keyword "leaves" hints that the Treasure is hidden amongst leaves.
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Published on Friday, May 22, 2020
You’re in for a treat, if you can find your beat.
Your journey will be so sweet and perfect.
If you inhale one mana, you’ll go bananas!
Just jive on down it will all be worth it
Scrambled Clue:
If find a treat you're can in you beat for your
Perfect journey be your so and sweet will
If mana go you inhale bananas you'll one
Down on worth be all just it will jive it
* Keywords "treat" and "sweet" are both references to Sweet Martha's Cookies in the fairgrounds on Liggett street.
* Keyword "Perfect" is a reference to the Perfect Pickle in the fairgrounds on Liggett street.
* If you look on an arial view on the north end of Liggett street , you will see a reddish circular shape the reusables the side of a Beats by Dre headphone (find your beat).
* "Inhale one mana" is an anagram for " Elaine Monahan. She found the Winter Carnival Medallion in 1953 at the State Fairgrounds near the poultry building on Liggett Street.
* Lastly the Keyword "Jive" is for the Java Jive also on Liggett street. If you would "Jive on down"so to speak south from Liggett street, it points directly at Newell Park.
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Published on Saturday, May 23, 2020
If it’s treasure you’re trackin, then stop the slackin.
It’s sitting pretty just as you like it.
Lots of trees and hills, should conjure your thrills.
But you should only stand for the right fit.
Scrambled Clue:
Stop trackin you're if it's then slackin the treasure
Like just as sitting it's you pretty it
Trees should your lots thrills conjure and of hills
Stand only should but fit the right for you
* Keyword "trackin is a reference to the train tracks near Newell Park.
* The second line is a reference to how the Treasure Medallion was hidden. It was on the ground at the base of a small sapling near a big oak tree. Always easier to find when a medallion is next to the base of an object.
*The 3rd line is a reference to the topography of Newell Park, It is known for its rolling hills and oak trees. Also the Treasure Medallion was hidden on a woodsy hill.
* "stand for" is both word play and an anagram for "Stanford", a hint at Stanford Newell whom tNewell Park is named after.
* "The right fit" is a reference to Taylor Street.
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Published on Sunday, May 24, 2020
Our great northern waters, will get you hotter,
If you time warp back to the days of yore.
Do not back down, earn your Corona Crown,
Within a park south of 694.
Scrambled Clue:
Waters you great will our get northern hotter
Warp days you of the to if back time yore
Down corona earn not do crown your back
Park of 694 a within south
* "Great northern waters" is a reference to the current Burlington Pond near Newell park. The second line tells you to look at history, the former name of the Burlington Pond is Great Northern Pond.
* "Do not back down" is another hint that you should be on a hill.
* "Corona Crown" is another name for the Civic Crown. It was a military award regarded as the second highest honor a citizen could earn, It was given for victory over a foe. The Civic Crown woven with oak leaves, the Treasure Medallion is covered in oak leaves.
* Newell Park is south of 694. This clue at least got rid of a few cities and big bodies of water.
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Published on Monday, May 25, 2020
While online scoutin, link a few nearby mountains,
To be inclined to feel a bit cocky.
Go dive straight in, for a Splinter Lake win,
Perhaps your journey won’t be so rocky.

Alternate Path

A little bit of thought, is better than not.
But it will still take much skill to find it.
Aye aye captain, the crowd be clappin,
Jump ahead so you won’t have to grind it.

In quarantine it waits, for you to place.
The year it was found will give your sprint a burst.
It wasn’t built in one day, but bricks they lay.
Be sure to be the one who gets here first.


Regain your bearings, and dispel the herring,
Keep your search within the city of St Paul.
Here the Druids dwell, and conjure their spells,
The power of the oak beckons and calls.

In your craziest dream, a single sunbeam,
And a maid of rubber are primed for inspection.
You found our oak forest, time to floor it.
This amulet guides and offers protection.
Scrambled Clue:
link online few mountains scoutin while a nearby
Feel be bit a cocky to inclined to
A dive splinter in for straight win lake go
So your rocky journey perhaps be won't


Thought bit than a better not little is of
Find still will but it to it skill much take
Crowd aye the clappin be aye captain
Grind have so ahead won't to you it jump

Waits for place quarantine in it to you
Found sprint give was it year will burst a your the
Day bricks built it one in lay they but wasn't
Who first here to be one sure gets be the
* If you look up Splinter Lake it is a Lake located in Montana, this clue tells you to do some scouting online. Looking at an arial view, there are a few surrounding mountains of interest. The mountains you should link is: Little Park Mountain, Twin Peaks (Newell's Picnic Shelters), and East Woods Mountain (hidden on the east side of the park in the woods).
* Keyword "link" is a reference to all the residents fence lines near the woods. The woods is almost completely fenced in.
* Keyword "incline" is another reference that you should be on a hill.
* "Splinter Lake win" is an anagram for "It's in Newell Park". If you got the anagram your journey wouldn't be so rocky (no need to scout the mountains). Two paths to take with this clue.


* "A little bit of thought" is a reference to the Little Library the Critical Clue is hidden in.
* Keyword "skill" is a reference to Skillman street near Keller Mayflower Park.
* Keyword "captain" is a reference to a ship, in this case t he Mayflower ship.
* There is a lot of references to a race in this clue: crowd be clapping, jump ahead, to place,sprint, burst, get here first. they are all references to Belmont Street (Belmont Stakes) that boarders Keller Mayflower Park.
* " In quarantine it waits" is a reference to the Little Library again, it look like a mini house.
* The very last line is also a reference to the Mayflower ship. The Mayflower brought some of the very first european settlers to America.
* The Critical clue was hidden in a fake Rome book that has a secret safe inclosed with a number lock. To open the lock input the year Rome was founded, 753.


* Tells you it's in St Paul and there was a herring at play.
* The Treasure was hidden near a big oak tree.
* Craziest Dram is a hint at Taylor Swifts song Wildest Dreams. The treasure is hidden in line with Taylor street.
* "Sunbeam, and maid of rubber' are references to the brands Sunbeam and Rubber Maid. Which both from the manufacturer, Newell Products.
* There is a Druid amulet in the fake book called the 3 rays of light. it guides you to a second amulet hanging above the treasure site. "Protection" hints that the second amulet is near a sleeve that protects a small sapling in the woods, very close to the Treasure Medallion.
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Published on Tuesday, May 26, 2020
When in the kitchen, it helps to pitch in,
When serving up some sticky black bats stew.
Not to your delight? What a wasteful sight!
A delicacy only for a few.
Scrambled Clue:
Pitch the in when kitchen helps in to it
Sticky some is stew bats serving when black up
What a delight to not sight your wasteful
Few only delicacy a for a
* Keyword "kitchen" is a reference to Newell's Kitchen in their building you can rent. Not many parks have a kitchen.
* Keyword "Pitch" is a amenity reference for Newell's baseball field.
* Keyword "serving" is a reference to Pierce BUTLER Route boarding Newell Park.
* "Sticky black bats" is an anagram for "It's by Black Stack", Black Stack Brewery is near Newell Park.
* "Wasteful sight" is reference to the Compost Waste site near Newell Park.
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Published on Wednesday, May 27, 2020
A site for sports, but they had to abort
Other decisions and plans were made.
Its hard to tell, if you’re under my spell
Maybe some training will help you get paid.
Scrambled Clue:
They for abort site a but sports had to
Decisions other made were plans and
Under tell you're my hard it's spell if to
You will paid help training some maybe get
* The first two lines are a reference to the old Midway Stadium just north of Newell Park where the Saint Paul Saints used to play. Back then you could hear the games if you were Newell Park.
* the third line is a warning that there is a herring at play.
*Keyword "training" is a reference to the firefighters training tower that still stands next to the old Midway Stadium site.
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Published on Thursday, May 28, 2020
Can you wonder of a land, that be so grand?
With mystical hills and treasure to unearth.
The druid’s magical oak, could bring hope,
If you fail you’ll still get your penny’s worth.
Scrambled Clue:
Grand a so wonder that you land be of can
Treasure and mystical unearth to hills with
Hope magical could druid's the bring oak
Fail your still penny's if get you' ll worth you
* "Can you wonder of a land" is wordplay for Can Can Wonderland near Newell Park.
* The second line tells you again to be on a hill and the treasure is on the ground covered.
* The third line tells you the treasure is hidden near an oak tree.
* "penny's worth" is wordplay for Alfred PENNYWORTH. Batman's BUTLER, a reference to Pierce Butler Route boarding Newell.
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Published on Friday, May 29, 2020
Still spellbound by herring? Please no swearing!
Confine your search to the city of St. Paul.
Sitting on the ground, the prize is safe and sound,
Where the hills roll and where the oak grows tall.

Beneath your prized grail, lies the Bridal Veil.
Nature holds secrets and treasure to boast.
Site of an old rec, will aid your treasure trek.
Finding 18 tires will get you pretty close.
Scrambled Clue:
Please still herring no spellbound by swearing
The st search to of city your paul confine
The safe ground the on sound and prize sitting is
Oak and roll tall where tho grows where hills

Lies grail veil your beneath the prized bridal
Secrets boast nature and hold treasure to
Rec aid treasure will site and of old trek your
You close pretty 18 finding get will tires
* The treasure was hidden in St Paul, on the ground.
* "Safe and sound" is a reference to a Taylor Swift song. The Treasure Medallion was hidden in the wood in line with Taylor street.
* The 4th line refers to Newell Park's rolling hills and large amount of oak trees.
* The Midway Heights Neighborhood is above the Bridal Veil Creek Watershed.
* "Nature holds secrets and treasure" is a reference to the oak leaves that cover the treasure.
* The Newell Park Pavilion used to be a recreation center long ago.
* "18 tires has a double meaning. 1st its a reference to the semi trucks going in an out the BNSF train yard. 2nd it's a reference to Wheeler street (18 wheeler), which runs close to the woods.
* The first letters of each line of the second stanza spell BNSF, referring to the BNSF train yard near Newell Park.
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Published on Saturday, May 30, 2020
Feeling shifty? Then let’s end this swiftly.
Shake it off, you’re not out of the woods just yet.
Go set your mark, in one of the oldest parks.
On Merlin’s hill, near his tree, you’ll be set.

Follow the theme, of your wildest dreams.
Ready for it? End game is in sight.
In this section, look for protection.
Mobilize camp, just don’t stay overnight.

Treasure is callin, where Yggdrasil has fallen,
From it’s branches the treasure was flung.
Over the leafy site, shines 3 rays of light.
But these riches are only for the young.
Scrambled Clue:
Shake out end then oldest tree in
Your off feeling set parks one near hill his set lets
Merlin's on just woods shifty you'll this of the it
Mark you're swiftly not yet the go of be

Mobilize theme the of for look don't
Game in ready section this stay follow protection
Dreams it for camp is sight
End wildest overnight you're just in

Branches rays treasure where is from riches
Over shines only 3 flung site treasure
Fallen young these but are light it's callln the
Has Yggdrasil of the leafy was for the
* Keyword "shifty" is a reference to the semi trucks.
* Keyword "swiftly is a reference to Taylor Swift.
* Shake it off, Out Of The Woods, Wildest Dreams, Ready For it, End Game, and Only for the Young are all Taylor Swift songs. The Treasure Medallion was hidden in line with Taylor Street.
* Newell Park is one of St Paul's oldest parks.
* The Treasure was hidden on a hill near an oak tree.
* "Follow the theme" is telling you to follow Taylor street to the treasure.
* Within the section/line of Taylor street look for a sleeve that protects the small saplings, the treasure is hidden a few feet from it.
* "Camp and don't stay over night" are referring to the sign nearby the woods that states that you cannot cup overnight.
* Yggdrasil is a big oak tree, also called the Tree of life. There is a big fallen oak tree near the Treasure site.
* From the big fallen oak tree, one should search in direction in which it fell, as if the treasure got flung.
* "leafy site" is referring to the leafy bed that covers the treasure.
* "3 rays of light" is a reference to a prop I had hidden. Above the treasure hangs a Neo-Druid amulet, the 3 rays of light. the position is which it's hanging looks like 3 rays of light are shining down on the Treasure Medallion.
* Keyword "young" is a reference to Young street new the woods and treasure site.
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Looking for me Jewels? Then head for Newell!
Welcome to the land of Midway Heights.
Current events, have us all perplexed,
So we changed the clue time due to frights.

Start your treasure trot, from the parking lot.
Warp on over to the basketball court.
Find two green tables, near a stump if able.
Head east up the trail don't come up short.

Stop at the fallen limb, and start your grin,
Head to the left up the leafy incline.
Look to the leaves, near a protective sleeve.
Find Mr. Rough and Ready and get in line.


Under your noses, the city of roses,
Is where the Critical Clue has been hiding.
Focus on a race, to find the secret place.
Near a skilled man with a horse for riding.

Look for May flowers, to feel empowered.
This time the prize is hidden off the ground.
Come take a trip, on Mr Jone's ship.
Now tell me, do we have a new Triple Crown?

Secret Clue:


Alternate Path Clue #2:

* The Critical Clue was hidden in Roseville.
* "Skilled man" is a reference to Skillman street near the park.
* "Race, "horse for riding" and "Triple Crown" are all references to Belmont street near the park.
* " Mays flowers" refers to Keller MAYFLOWER Park.
* It's hidden off the ground.
* Christopher Jones owned the Mayflower ship.
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