2020 Jordan Heimatfest Medallion Hunt

Note: This year, the Heimatfest Medallion Hunt is limited to two weeks instead of a whole month. Because we won’t have a parade, or get together in Lagoon Park, your Heimatfest Commission has decided on a two-week medallion hunt and fireworks on Friday, September 11, 2020 as the two events we CAN provide for you. Watch for news of FUN, FOOD, and FIREWORKS!
Two points sit before you now
One: to thwart the virus. How?
Keep all safe from COVID threat.
Seek our gold to win your bet.
Two: to keep tradition, knowing
Doing so keeps Jordan growing.
That in mind, let’s list the rules.
Keep the thought: we are no fools!
Shiny gold and big and round,
Festive coin can now be found
On the land, not pond or river.
Not dug deep nor needing flivver.
Not so high that you can’t reach,
Not in sand on yonder beach.
Hid inside or near town bounds,
There coin is—on public grounds.
Turn it in for Jordan dollars!
Maybe fund some youthful scholars.

Hunt information
First Clue:Thursday, August 27, 2020
Found on:
Joe Stang
Amanda Stang
Maximum Prize:
Awarded Prize:
General Location:The ramp from North Broadway to North 169
Exact Location:In the evergreens off the ramp
Published on Thursday, August 27, 2020
Christmas in September, Wow!
Celebrate! I’ll tell you how.
Look for coin in festive guise.
If you unwrap it, you’ll be wise.
No more pizza’s in that box.
Keep on digging like a fox.
Past the cardboard, past the stickers
Stuck on bag and just for kickers.
Coin’s outdoors—don’t need a mask.
Walking path is your one task.

[Facebook hint: It’s all true! Cluemeister had fun decorating the disguise.]
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Published on Sunday, August 30, 2020
Clues will fly ‘til gold is found.
(Not like it’s just lying ‘round!)
Sandals might not make the trip.
Shoes or boots that do not flip--
That’s the way to search for coin.
Shouldn’t see a group to join.
Watch for traffic, don’t jump fence.
Stay alive to earn your pence.
Don’t go far now, stay in bounds.
If you’re lost, we’ll send the hounds.

[Facebook clue: Flip-flops might be dangerous if you need to be nimble. And you will! Ouch!]
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Published on Wednesday, September 2, 2020
Now you’re cookin’ – Great outdoors --
That’s where clue elf keeps her stores.
Closer now, don’t face the sun.
Keep it high ‘til search is done.
Take a chance; go north or south.
Shield from fumes your eyes and mouth.
Take the mom and all the kids.
Which one finds the coin has dibs.
Reach a bit, avoid the prickles
On yourself although it tickles.

[Facebook clue: Do as Cluemeister did, not as Cluemeister said. Or, I suppose one could wear gloves after all?]
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Published on Sunday, September 6, 2020
Find me now! There’s not much time!
Says the gold coin - make me thine.
Look for spoons and forks and knives.
One of those is where gold thrives.
Local street is where you focus,
Neither bridge nor ditch is locus.
High and dry yet low in height,
No snow yet, so it’s in sight.
You can pick and you can choose.
If you don’t look, you’ll surely lose.

[Facebook clue: Okay, now think! Where in town would you find spoons, etc.? Hmm?]
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Published on Wednesday, September 9, 2020
One more chance ere fest is done.
Whoever nabs the gold has won.
Photo ops and dollars fine
Await a finder’s post online.
Come one, come all to our domain.
Downtown Jordan’s claim to fame
Is almost seen from local game.
All else now seems quite, quite tame.
If you’ve dodged the cars and bristles
There you’ll bag a prize, not thistles.
[Facebook clue: The old saying about “Go West, Young Man, Go West” is misleading. It really is north in this case.]
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Published on Sunday, September 13, 2020
Pant leg hems are wet with dew
From the grass that I walked through
Just to see if where gold’s stashed
Wasn’t chopped or hacked or smashed

Parked my car north of downtown
Walked past wye to trees well grown
Not the ones with leaves still seen
On to trees called evergreen

Yes, the prize is still well hidden
From even me and I’m not kiddin’
First or second pine or fir?
Back and forth I went. Oh, Grrr

Heard the crash at three a.m.
Sirens, smoke, and much mayhem
On the highway past the light
To my south but out of sight

Intrepid seekers, wear your boots
Attention pay to all car hoots
Snag a bag of golden coin
Elite status group you’ll join
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