2005 Pioneer Press Capture the Flag Summer Hunt

Found under a tree in the Eastern end of Indian Mounds Park. Kudos to tim_the_hunter on his find during this, the first Pioneer Press summer hunt.
Hunt information
First Clue:Monday, August 15, 2005
Found on:Saturday, August 20, 2005
Tim PetrieCottage Grove
Maximum Prize:
Awarded Prize:
General Location:Indian Mounds Park
Exact Location:Under a tree in the Eastern end of the park
Published on Monday, August 15, 2005
As soon as we learned of hockey's return
We knew it was a grand occasion
And so we've devised a special prize
To reward you for your patience

For your summer pleasure we've hidden a treasure
At a park somewhere in St. Paul
It's high time you look beneath every nook
In hopes that you'll win it all
States that the "prize" is hidden in a park in St. Paul. "High time" indicates that the hiding place is an elevated area (in this case, Mounds Park).
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Published on Tuesday, August 16, 2005
It's not in the bag 'til you capture the flag
But no flutter or wave will be seen
Look for some plastic that's most fantastic
And comes wrapped in red and green

We may be hacks but we've covered our tracks
Like a Zamboni circling the rink
There's a deke or two amid our clues
So don't act before you think
Indicates that while the contest is called "Capture the Flag," the hidden object is not a flag ("no flutter or wave will be seen"). Instead, hunters are directed to look for a "plastic" object wrapped in "red" cloth and "green" tape. "A deke or two amid our clues" warns hunters that some of the clues may be misleading.
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Published on Wednesday, August 17, 2005
A place of improvement with varieties of movement
Is near where the thing is secreted
Look also for bikers and maybe some hikers
But don't dig or you'll be defeated

A save of sorts but not in sports
Might give you cause for reflection
Find a trail in and you won't be failin'
To take a step in the right direction
"A place of improvement with varieties of movement" refers to the St. Paul riverfront, where many public improvements have occurred and where all types of transportation (by rail, car, boat and airplane) can be seen. "Look for bikers and hikers" refers to a paved trail near the hiding place. "A save of sorts but not in sports" refers to the fact that the hiding place is in a large wooded area once known as the Municipal Forest Preserve ("preserve" is a synonym for "save"). "Find a trail in" tells hunters that they will have to use a trail to reach the hiding place. "Failin'" is a pun on Phalen and is designed to misdirect hunters to Phalen Park.
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Published on Thursday, August 18, 2005
To be our winner consider a place for beginners
Then start moving up and around
As you hit your stride search for a heavenly guide
That's actually in the ground

Next do something big and look for a famed pig
From a spot with a long view of history
But you won't be hotter too close to the water
You'll have to branch out to solve our mystery
The state fish hatchery below Mounds Park is a "place for beginners." A star is a "heavenly guide" and in this case refers to a monument known as "Star Hill," located just east of the hiding place. The monument consists of trees and paths (now partially obscured) that originally formed the shape of a star. It was built by the Order of the Eastern Star, a Masonic women's group. "Look for a famed pig" refers to Pig's Eye Lake (named after early settler Pierre "Pig's Eye" Parrant). The lake is visible in a "long view" from the blufftop near the hiding place. "You won't be hotter too close to the water" tells hunters that the prize isn't near a lake, river or stream but suggests it isn't far from Burns Avenue. "Branch out" indicates that the object is hidden in a wooded area.
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Published on Friday, August 19, 2005
A president or two will give you a clue
So will a governor of capitol renown
A school of hockey fame will also help your game
As you go jumping all around town

It's been said that candy is really quite dandy
And we're certainly inclined to concur
But then again liquor is alleged to be quicker
That both are true we're quite sure
"A president or two" (Andrew Johnson and Lyndon Johnson), "a governor of capitol renown" (John Johnson, memorialized in a statue on the State Capitol Mall) and a "school of hockey fame" (Johnson High School in St. Paul) all refer to Johnson Parkway, which ends near the hiding place. "Jumping" is a another clue pointing to Mounds Park, where a ski jump was located in the 1920s and 1930s. "Candy" is a Mounds Bar, while "liquor" is a reference to Obb's Sports Bar and Grill, located less than a block from the hiding place.
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Published on Saturday, August 20, 2005
If you're able and willin' think of a Dylan
And revisit what he could deliver
Then it might be best if you went west
From the road to the end of the river

A wonderful life won't erupt in strife
If you let an angel be your guide
Too much heat might really be neat
Now go ahead and take the obvious stride
The first stanza contains references to one of Bob Dylan's most famous albums, "Highway 61 Revisited." The highway, which runs all the way to the end of the Mississippi River, is just east of the hiding place. The clues in the second stanza all refer to streets near the hiding place. These include Etna St. ("erupt", as in Mt. Etna), Clarence St. (Clarence was the name of the "angel" in the classic movie, "It's A Wonderful Life"), and Burns Avenue ("too much heat"). Finally, "take the obvious stride" is another reference to Obb's Bar.
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Mounds Park is the place at the end of our race
Now go south across Burns from the Quick Stop
A trail through the woods will lead to the goods
Just bear left as you climb toward the bluff top

Near a point on high with views of river and sky
Turn north down a path between banks
In the grass by a lone pine is where to find
The prize for which you'll give thanks
Gives specific directions to the object, which was located beneath loose leaves and bark by a solitary pine tree along a trail running back from the bluff almost due south of the intersection of Burns Avenue and Clarence Street.
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