2021 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt

Despite the COVID-19 mess, the 2021 Treasure Hunt is on. I'm taking the unprecedented steps of putting the event on the front page of the site, with links to the official rules and extended regulations stories from the Pioneer Press. You'll still have to go to them to get the clues once the hunt starts, and you'll still have to go to their pages to get the rules and regs, but it's important to have them as widely distributed as possible this year to ensure a safe hunt.

The Pioneer Press is not hosting a pre-hunt party at Bad Weather Brewing as they have the past couple of years. In addition, there are no early newspaper releases at Shamrock's or anywhere else this year. All clues will be released online at midnight and will be in the paper as soon as it arrives at your local gas station or doorstep. In addition, there will also not be an early scrambled clue this year.

Hunt information
First Clue:Sunday, January 24, 2021
Found on:
Maximum Prize:$10,000
Awarded Prize:
General Location:
Exact Location:

The clues and their explanations are unavailable at this time.