2012 White Bear Lake Manitou Days Treasure Hunt

Team Brana strikes again, finding the Manitou Days Medallion in a wooded area north of the old train depot along Highway 61, and breaking a Cooler Crew drought in the Manitou Days hunt. Way to go kids!

Hunt information
First Clue:Saturday, June 16, 2012
Found on:Thursday, June 21, 2012
Clue MasterInver Grove Heights
Me2 Saint Paul
Maximum Prize:$500
Awarded Prize:$500
General Location:North of the Historic Train Depot along Highway 61
Exact Location:Tucked in the wooded area north of the depot
Concealer:A clay rock
Published on Saturday, June 16, 2012
Manitou Days? Check. Hidden treasure? Check.
Now cue in your dreams of pursuit and winning.
It will all end when you successfully wend
Down the pike and right back to the beginning.

So c’mon get going! Feel that adrenaline flowing
Stare your competition in the eye.
Now’s the time to get down to business
As for hometown fame you vie.
“Back to the beginning” referenced the historical placard near the site showing the original plat of White Bear Lake. Furthermore, with the undeniably important role of the railroad in the founding/settling of White Bear Lake, the depot is a first among firsts. “Stare your competition in the eye” was a playful mention of a large sign sporting our business competitor, seen to the north of the site. “Get down to business” hinted at surrounding downtown businesses.
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Published on Sunday, June 17, 2012
There’s no need to dig to succeed in this gig
And around ornamentation gently tread.
Be a rock star inspector for our crafted protector
In your noggin let these words embed.

Banners majestic and others domestic
Will give you a sense of position.
The area does harbor a scatter of arbor
Lending you some shade on your mission.
The first line reminds hunters that the treasure was not hidden below ground. People were also asked not to disturb bushes, ornamental plants, benches, etc., that are seen in the downtown area. The third and fourth lines pointed to the fact that the medallion was embedded in a fake stone made with model clay and rolled in mud (tipped off with “crafted protector,” “rock star,” and “embed”). “Banners majestic” referred to the many American flags flying around the site and “others domestic” to those celebrating the community of White Bear Lake. Finally, “scatter of arbor” pointed to a variety of trees found near our chosen spot.
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Published on Monday, June 18, 2012
He faces north but they went forth
Venturing toward another horizon.
Being first in dedication is a worthy acclamation
From an event that shall never wizen.

Dilapidated appeal, forged from a deal
It’s name they did affix.
It was a linear view from you to canoe
With grass and campers betwixt.
The first stanza referred to the Civil War Memorial at the intersection of 2nd Street and Clark Avenue. The statue faces the north although our brave soldiers went to fight in the south. Although Minnesota was one of the newest in the union, it was the first to commit troops to the Union cause. The remainder of the clue pointed at the WPA stone flagpole north of the Memorial. As stated, the landmark is in rough shape. On it can be found a placard naming it a WPA project from FDR’s New “Deal”. When sitting at the flagpole, one could easily see White Bear Lake down Clark Avenue. People used to camp in the boulevard along Clark Avenue.
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Published on Tuesday, June 19, 2012
Charlie Spry devoured a third of a pie
“Uffta,” he said, “the flavors are squarely divine!”
Peach was the type, with meringue of great height
Now crack this clue’s shapely design.

You will stay awake if splashed in a lake
As life’s too short to linger on shorelines.
Keep your chin held high and you’ll get by
Are you beginning to see money signs?
The first stanza was dedicated to Cup N Cone, located just west of the medallion’s location. The first letter of each line spelled out “Cup N” and the geometrical area of a cone (“shapely design”) was carefully tucked into the clue with 1/3! · r2 · height; one will see “third of pie,” “are squared” and “height” in the verse. “Stay awake” and “life’s too short” in the second stanza referenced to Caribou Coffee’s motto of “Life’s is short. Stay awake for it.” “Chin” referred to LeeAnn Chin, a restaurant near the medallion’s location. “Money signs” pointed to Premier Bank and US Bank signs, seen from the site.
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Published on Wednesday, June 20, 2012
Hunters beware of a name that can scare
But it’s really there to make you smile.
Faces that can’t see and hands that can’t feel
Will bring you dear hunters within a mile.

Make a lot of space part of your amazing race
Over six score ensure accommodation.
Citizens bold secured new and old
We know you’ll enjoy this prime location.
The “name that can scare” referred to dentist Sarah Boo whose clinic is located southwest of the treasure. “Smile” hinted at her profession. “Faces that can’t see and hands that can’t feel” referred to the clock tower outside of White Bear Lake City Hall. The last line of the first stanza puts the medallion within one mile of City Hall (we didn’t want to make it too specific for you). “A lot of space” referred to the spacious parking lot between the Historical Society and shops. We counted 127 spaces. “Over six score” would be 120+ spaces. “Citizens bold ensured new and old” was in reference to the fight put up by citizens to protect Cup N Cone in the midst of redevelopment at 4th Street and Highway 61 (a “prime” number).
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Published on Thursday, June 21, 2012
It can be a lark to run wild in a park
Swimming, swinging and playing ball.
But such play is best left for another day
If, for you, a lucky strike is to befall.

Ok, pop culture nerd: find the missing word
It’ll put another jewel in your crown.
When you’ve got worries, all the noise and the hurry
Seem to help, I know.
The first stanza finally revealed that the medallion would not be found in a park but on other publicly owned land. The second half of the clue told hunters to find the missing word. The second and fourth lines do not rhyme like all of the other clues. If you’re up on your oldies, you noticed that the last two lines are lyrics from Petula Clark’s “Downtown” – which is the missing word. Downtown rhymes with “crown.”
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We slipped into the night, dodging headlights
Because the time seemed right to proceed.
So from a wedding celebration at Manitou Station
We took a short walk to complete the deed.

You’ll find more boom than bust near a structure of rust
Hear the sound of music over traffic skids.
An open building, beautiful enough for gilding
Is a fitting home for mamma bear and the kids.
We, the clue writers, hid the medallion on the night of a wedding reception at Manitou Station. This put the medallion within “a short walk” from that restaurant. “Rectangle,” “white,” and “dirtied by skids” referred to the crosswalks for pedestrians looking to cross Highway 61. The gazebo, an “open building,” designed by White Bear Rust Architects, was within view of the medallion. The last line hints at the statue near the gazebo of a mother bear and her cubs.
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Shamrocks have grown where the ducks have flown
Quite near to the underground.
It seems a poor choice to surrender your voice
As such a deal could run you aground.

Through joy and travail, you’re hot on the trail
Have beads of sweat begun to form?
Exclaim “Voila!” Or, even “Oh La La”
Flee to where croissants are a daily norm.
The first line of this clue was in reference to the change in ownership of the building across the street: Decoy’s restaurant (whose logo had two ducks on it) to the very-Irish (“shamrocks”) Jameson’s bar & restaurant. Jameson’s is very near Subway (“the underground”). “Surrender your voice” hinted at Ursula’s Wine Bar & Café. Ursula is the name of the sea witch in “The Little Mermaid.” She took Ariel’s voice and in exchange gave her legs to walk on land (“run aground”). “Beads” hinted at The Bead Gallery, located across a parking lot from the treasure site. The last two lines referred to Chez Arnaud, a nearby French bakery.
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It’ll all unravel near the wood and gravel
Not far from a bustling road.
Stop lights change within good range
Of the disguised treasure load.

Looking back will keep you on track
And set you clickety-clacking on your way!
To end the race, you must get to a place
Where they’ve been working all the live-long day.
“Wood and gravel” were in reference to the railroad tracks (the ties and gravel surrounding them). “Bustling road” pointed at Highway 61 and the stoplights mentioned are those found at Highway 61 and Fourth Street. The last stanza again hints at this year’s important tie to the railroad with “track,” “clickety-clack.” The last line referred to lyrics from the song “I’ve been working on the railroad.”
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There will be merit-age at a place of local heritage
So at the Historical Society make your final survey.
Don’t exhibit dumb-age, but carefully rummage
Through ornamental plants to the rock we did lay.

Grab that fake rock and verify with a quick knock
You can feel yourself about to score.
Crack it to pieces until treasure it releases
Eureka! You’re now part of Manitou Days lore.
Provided final details to the medallion, hidden in a fake stone near the White Bear Lake Historical Society.
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