2020 White Bear Lake Manitou Days Medallion Hunt

The Manitou Days Treasure Hunt is sponsored by Coldwell Banker Realty, Burnet Title and Guaranteed Rate. The medallion is hidden on public property in White Bear Lake, White Bear Township, or Birchwood.


The first clue will be given on Tuesday, August 11 at 6:00 PM. A new clue will be released daily at 6:00 PM until the medallion is found (for up to 10 days). Clues can be found on the Manitou Days Facebook page or this website. 


If you find the $1000 medallion, please IMMEDIATELY call the number printed on the medallion. Nobody wants to keep searching for a medallion that has already been found! Once we have verified that the medallion has been located, we will promptly announce the end of the hunt through our website and social media platforms. 


At no time should property be damaged.  The medallion is hidden in such a way where hunters will not need garden tools, will not need to swim, nor will need to engage in any activity that puts themselves or others in danger. The medallion will never be hidden in a way where ornamental plants or garden beds will need to be trampled upon. Hunters are encouraged to politely help each other remember these simple rules so that our public spaces can remain safe and fun for all people who enjoy our public spaces.


Hunters can be assured that the medallion will not be hidden at the Fillebrown House, Tamarack Nature Center, or in any construction zone. The medallion will also not be hidden on school property. 


Please also be mindful of others during this time of social distancing. The CDC has recommended six feet of distance between you and fellow hunters.


In the event that the medallion is not found within 24 hours of the release of the last clue, Coldwell Banker Realty and its co-sponsors reserve the right to end the hunt and donate the $1000 prize money to a local charity.

Hunt information
First Clue:Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Found on:Sunday, August 16, 2020
Ed Brodie Maplewood
Maximum Prize:$1,000
Awarded Prize:
General Location:Goose Lake
Exact Location:Along the shore
Published on Tuesday, August 11, 2020
Into the twenties we roar, and like never before
We are feeling agog for a Manitou Days fest.
Heeding Fauci’s call we’ve ensured there’s room to sprawl
Still, inflate your 6ft bubble and join the quest!

As our hunt turns 40, we’re still feeling sporty
With even a few new tricks up our sleeve.
Be wise and check the rules; be sure you’re schooled
On public land it hides -- on this we would never deceive.

So with rapturous eyes study our cryptic guise
As it holds a surplus clue to carry on the way.
Hints for code-breaking are very free for the taking
At some previous hiding spots; a total of 20 are in play.

This one’s your call: go for one or go for them all
No two are the same; one reveals vowels completely.
You may choose to share or say “For only me do I care!”
It’s up to you: best to collaborate or act discreetly?

Finally: if you launch into town, put your hunting gear down
Toward our local enterprises do cavort .
This year’s been a boner for many a business owner
Now’s the time to stand and show our support.
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Published on Wednesday, August 12, 2020
As you hit the road toward treasure’s abode
The following may ring a bell:
The father, son and oh so spirited one
Clean up and come together quite well.

Perhaps it still does hide--that most prized decoding guide
There, in the northern reaches of Fox Meadow.
With quarry now in sight, we yell it with great might
To all chuffed hunters who may follow in tow.
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Published on Thursday, August 13, 2020
If in grassy wilderness you stir, we seek to secour
So find the foundational imprimatur.
For here a whipple initiated a ripple
That’s since been launched across the water.

Some stones soar beyond the hunter’s door
With a coastline standing between.
So find neer’s peak for the info you seek
Lift northward toward the treasure scene.
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Published on Friday, August 14, 2020
Those Nordic sons bussed their buns
To Beartown -- long was their way.
A stately word and a native bird
Show winning was just in their DNA.

He caught a dream riding a red machine
But through marriages he would toddle.
Hustling pays, but soon they’d part ways
Don’t dare offend a toothpaste model.
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Published on Saturday, August 15, 2020
As our hollow plot does harden, picture a garden
Whose gelidity was never meant for growth.
Perhaps daft wordplay, but Aries in a passageway
Is a hint that you’re certain not to loathe.

When we speak your curiosity easily does pique
You’re left, on the surface, dry and clear.
Pay off your threat -- on moving pockets don’t bet
And farm for treasure with nary a fear.
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Published on Sunday, August 16, 2020
You’ll get acid when microbes aren’t placid
Those buggers let no carb go to waste.
After the previously referred, it’s occurred
Just add some cream to augment the taste.

By a river cool, nail down the costly jewel
Crystal clear is the artist’s display.
From beside the fowl flew the hued owl
While the reeds did softly sway.
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