2012 Woodbury Days Treasure Hunt

Found in Colby Lake Park after 6 clues by first time finders, and Cooler Crew newbies Matthew Koskie and Ashley Wilson of Hastings.

Hunt information
First Clue:Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Found on:Tuesday, August 21, 2012
Matthew KoskieHastings
Ashley WilsonHastings
Maximum Prize:$500 in gift certificates
Awarded Prize:$500 in gift certificates
General Location:Colby Lake Park
Exact Location:In the southern end of the park, in the weeds
Published on Wednesday, August 15, 2012
Welcome back, hunters
We’ve created a maze
And left a medallion to discover
In time for Woodbury Days
The prize is out there – so where did we hide it?
Try this suggestion:
Check a spot that’s the opposite of private
This introductory clue welcomes hunters back and tips them off that the medallion will be placed on public land (the opposite of private).
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Published on Thursday, August 16, 2012
We won’t misguide you
But we must not yet be stark
Your treasure awaits
In a Woodbury park
The slow burn continues with a conspicuous reveal: it’s at a public park in Woodbury.
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Published on Friday, August 17, 2012
For the grounds you’ll be searching
On the way to mother lode
You’d be wise to follow
Valley Creek Road
The first line contains the words “grounds,” which is an early hint that the medallion was placed on the ground and not at an elevated position. The last line – paired with the information from two previous clues – gets you in the vicinity: you’re headed to a park off Valley Creek Road. That drastically narrows the field.
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Published on Monday, August 20, 2012
Dear friend
It was a long weekend
If you’re burning up with anxiety
Consider what’s been adopted
By Woodbury’s Islamic Society
“Burning up” is a reference to the Burn it Up 5K event held in the fall at Colby Lake Park. Since that was a relatively obscure clue, we got more obvious at the end. Colby Lake Park was adopted by the Woodbury Islamic Society. A sign at the park’s entrance clearly displays it.
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Published on Tuesday, August 21, 2012
The park where our medallion hides
Is pictured on the 2012 Woodbury Community Guide
A cheesy clue?
Yes, but we’re not through
To satisfy your needs
Consider what lies
Among the weeds
There’s lots of stuff here, in case Monday’s clue didn’t get you on your way. The cover photo of the Woodbury Community Guide was shot at Colby Lake Park (Page 3 of the community guide even lists the location of the cover photo). Some hunters took the bait and headed straight for the trail depicted in the photo. It wasn’t there. (Remember, the clue only said the medallion was somewhere in the park pictured on the cover, not on that particular trail.) And as if you needed more, we embedded “cheesy” as a reference to Colby cheese. Lastly, we give a very specific clue: it’s somewhere in the weeds.
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Colby welcomes you and sends you a thought
Access a trail to find its hiding spot
And this is where prize beseeches:
“Please find me in the southern reaches”
Now that hunters would have known the park (we finally give the name away for anyone still struggling) we get even more specific. Take a trail. Look in the southern portion of Colby Lake Park. Putting all this together, hunters would have been nearly on top of it.
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Park Crossing lays the line
Stay just north of it and you will be fine
If you want to find our little hideaway
Go check the area
That looks like a tiny driveway
This was saved unless it needed to be spelled out – which this clue does. The hiding spot was on the weeded fringe of a paved inlet just north of Park Crossing in Colby Lake Park.
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