19th Annual Cooler Crew Pre-Dig Gig

Saturday, January 21, 2017 - 18:00 to 23:45

19th Annual Cooler Crew Pre-Dig Gig
Saturday January 21, 2017
Joseph's Grill (in the banquet room)
140 South Wabasha Street
Saint Paul, MN 55107

Once again the annual Cooler Crew Pre-Dig Gig will be held at Joseph's Grill, in the banquet room, on Wabasha. 

The festivities begin at 6pm. As usual, we do have to spend $500 in food and drink at Joseph's for the room; with this group that won't be a problem though. We're working out a schedule of when we expect to take group pictures, and have the park pick pool and all the other events you've come to expect from the Pre-Dig Gig. We're certain though that noodling the first clue will be going on all night, with more wild ideas coming as the evening progresses.