2016 Pioneer Press Treasure Hunt

With all twelve clues in hand, Chris Jozwiak, Phillip Kitzer, and Heather Vocke found the medallion in Bald Eagle Park at the far reaches of the county.

Hunt information
First Clue:Sunday, January 24, 2016
Found on:Thursday, February 4, 2016
Christopher JozwiakMinneapolis
Phillip KitzerMinneapolis
Heather VockeMinneapolis
Maximum Prize:$10000
Awarded Prize:$10000
General Location:Bald Eagle Lake Park
Exact Location:In the woods near the boat ramp on Bald Eagle Lake
Concealer:Cigar leaves and a wet nap, wrapped in a plastic bag
Published on Sunday, January 24, 2016
Last year's rich bounty was found in the county
A new park for all to explore
This year's bauble will cause you no trouble
If the rules are kept in the fore
We remind hunters that last year’s medallion was found in a county park outside the city that had never been used in the hunt before – just like this year! “Fore” hints that golf courses – White Bear Yacht Club and Dellwood Country Club – are in the area where the medallion is hidden, but we are reminded they are off-limits according to the Treasure Hunt rules.
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Published on Monday, January 25, 2016
Some may well kvetch that the horizon's sketch
Has artifacts rather than trees
But if you follow the plan pure gold you will pan
And life will be but a breeze
Scrambled Clue:
the a horizon's trees but you will rather
but the may plan pan and than kvetch
if pure gold follow will well some breeze
artifacts be sketch has that life you
“Horizon, sketch and artifacts” all refer to the downtown St. Paul skyline that is etched on this year’s medallion. Life becoming “but a breeze” hints at the resorts and vacation homes that once populated the Bald Eagle Lake area, where the medallion is hidden; also, the local newspaper used to be called The Lake Breeze.
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Published on Tuesday, January 26, 2016
Old Ma Press has moved her nest
Cross the water from her former home
From the top of her perch you may want to search
For a playground that’s fit to roam
Scrambled Clue:
former perch to her from a roam her
want her fit the moved top you Ma old nest
cross of home from the Press playground
that’s search for water may has to
Old Ma Press — the St. Paul Pioneer Press — moved its headquarters across the Mississippi late last year. One of the earliest settlers on and promoters of Bald Eagle Lake worked at the Minnesota Pioneer, one of the forerunners of the Pioneer Press, according to a recent presentation on the area’s history. “Nest” and “perch” suggest a bird – in this case, the bald eagle. Another famous “old ma” also had a home that overlooked water – Ma Barker of the notorious Barker Boys gang, who lived in a summer cottage on Bald Eagle Lake; her perch or nest was across the water from the playground where the medallion is hidden.
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Published on Wednesday, January 27, 2016
The spot this year goes well with beer
And water in great profusion.
But when the crowd is a bit too loud
It offers quiet seclusion.
Scrambled Clue:
the when goes water a too in spot
the great with loud it profusion but
is this quiet well bit beer and
offers year seclusion crowd
In 1933, Ma Barker and her gang rented a cottage on Bald Eagle Lake and kidnapped William Hamm Jr., the president of Hamm’s Brewery, for a $100,000 ransom. Also, the first road to the area, petitioned in 1857, extended from the Hamm’s Brewery to Bald Eagle Lake — which has a secluded island in the middle.
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Published on Thursday, January 28, 2016
If young Huck Finn had a boy twin
He might have camped here awhile
Like him you’re wishin’ that with good luck fishin’
You’ll find treasure to keep you in style.
Scrambled Clue:
Finn might had you with you’re boy awhile
like to in treasure a here him keep camped
wishin’ have fishin’ you’ll style
If twin he that luck good Huck young find
Camping and fishing suggest a resort area, which Bald Eagle used to be – and still is a good area for camping and fishing. Huck Finn’s creator, Mark Twain, mentioned a resort in nearby White Bear Lake in his “Life on the Mississippi.” “Boy” invokes Bald Eagle Island in Bald Eagle Lake, which used to be called Boy Island when it was the site of a boys’ summer camp.
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Published on Friday, January 29, 2016
Man against beast, or that tale at least
Is being told and with much spirit.
If hunting’s just you and a man or two
Listen close so that you can hear it.
Scrambled Clue:
and being that with that a two
listen if you tale at or least is
or just close beast and hear hunting’s
so against spirit can it much told man you man
Any reader of Mark Twain knows the story of White Bear Lake and Manitou – or “Great Spirit” – Island and the brave who killed a white bear there to save his maiden love. We ask the hunters to “listen close” to hear the name of the island in the line before: “man or two.” White Bear Lake and Manitou are near Bald Eagle, where the medallion is hidden.
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Published on Saturday, January 30, 2016
The wait is long and the siren song
Calls people summer to spring.
Ticket in hand, go find the land
Where the route takes to the wing.
Scrambled Clue:
song calls go the wait the route
the people takes find hand the to
is in land where wing spring.
ticket and siren summer to the long
“Summer to spring” is a reference to Four Seasons Park on the south side of Bald Eagle Lake, just off the rail line summer vacationers took to White Bear and Bald Eagle lakes. Adjacent Eagle Street leads north to the lake and nearby Idyllwild Cottage.
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Published on Sunday, January 31, 2016
Keep your attention rapt and you’ll be apt
To find the medallion, it’s clear
Just follow the map – don’t take a nap!
To see that the X marks here
Scrambled Clue:
– be the map the and follow see rapt it’s nap!
the to attention that take clear
Just a find medallion, your keep marks
you’ll X here apt to don’t
“Clear” refers to the clear newspaper sleeve the medallion is hidden in. Rapt suggests raptor, which suggests eagle or Bald Eagle, the name of the park where it is hidden.
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Published on Monday, February 1, 2016
A place for dogs, lined by pollywogs,
Will bring you closer yet.
So if you veer very far from here;
You’ll end up with a nap that is wet.

The election goes on, our misery prolonged
Til payday for the winning party
Tall and delicate, will a broke delegate
Cast a ballot for greed or tea?
Scrambled Clue:
for wet dogs far you yet so very
lined veer here a closer if place
you’ll with is pollywogs will end
bring by nap the up that you a from

ballot a delegate cast party
tall for broke our payday a prolonged
til on election for will winning and the or
delicate, misery tea goes the greed
The Bald Eagle-Otter Lake Regional Park has a popular dog park with marshland and ponds nearby, teeming with frogs in the spring and summer; also, Bald Eagle Lake is shaped like a pollywog. Go beyond this park, though, and you might find the medallion, wrapped in a moist towelette.

We commiserate with hunters about the long election season, while giving them an anagram in the last line that spells out the name of the prize location: “ballot greed tea” spells “Bald Eagle Otter.”
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Published on Tuesday, February 2, 2016
Don’t be careless and venture out hairless
In temperatures bound to freeze-bite
Fly straight as an arrow and down in your marrow
You’ll trust that the goods are in sight.

Work without thanks is sticking up banks
Even if the fuzz has your back
Idle at the lake, a short respite to take
It’s a good place to set a sack.
Scrambled Clue:
and marrow you’ll arrow be venture
out hairless in your don’t that straight
and in bound are the freeze-bite fly goods
temperatures as an careless trust down in to sight

lake the fuzz a thanks the set respite sticking
is to if banks even at place take
it’s back idle a sack
good your short to without has a work up
“Hairless” suggests “bald,” while “flying straight” and “trust” suggests America’s bird, the bald eagle.

Idyllwild Cottage, once used by Ma Barker, sits on the southeast corner of Bald Eagle Lake. The gang got tired of sticking up banks and decided to get into kidnapping, first businessman Hamm and then Bremer. “The fuzz” refers to the police – specifically, corrupt police Chief Tom Brown, who gave gangsters a safe haven in St. Paul. Idle is close to “idyll,” and “sack” gives a nod to the bag the medallion is hidden in.
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Published on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
An ink-stained wretch, not apt to kvetch
Sited a plat along the wood.
Over a cigar, under northern star,
Now it’s lit up pretty good.

Be straight of stride, or float your ride,
N-no sputtering about.
Son if you’ve starred flipping card for a bard,
You’ll know you’re on the right route.
Scrambled Clue:
ink-stained not star now it’s good
the over apt pretty kvetch
sited wood along a a lit cigar
northern up wretch to plat under an

stride route be or of bard
you’ll for flipping about son
your you’re sputtering starred straight if a card
on ride n-no the right know you’ve float
The clue refers to the Solheim House just east of the dog park, on Bald Eagle Lake. It overlooks Cigar Island and was built by the Norwegian immigrant and newspaperman Engelbrecht H. Hobe.

Benson Airport, Benson Point (the first words/letters of first three lines spell BENSON) and Highway 61 (a Dylan reference) are landmarks near the medallion.
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Published on Thursday, February 4, 2016
You’ve made it this far, by plane, sled or car
To the shores of Bald Eagle Lake.
Park at the boat ramp, pull on boots and decamp.
Follow the path north toward the take.

To your left it’ll get airy, where there’s restored prairie.
So get on the trail heading west.
Tramp into the woods if you’re after the goods
And draft folks that know Benson’s Point best.

Once you’re well in the trees, and the snowy trail Ts,
Head 170 paces to your left.
Then continue low or high, and here’s the reason why –
The trails meet up for the deft.

From there go 40 paces, then it’s off to the races.
A small trail goes down to the right.
Where a large tree is uprooted, is a place well-suited.
For a PiPress sleeve, with the puck — found tonight?
Scrambled Clue:
on by sled the made ramp it shores or Eagle
the boots Bald this far take the plane
pull at toward the you’ve car to boat decamp
follow of Lake park path north and

if get west tramp the it’ll your get on prairie
So Benson’s where woods trail into goods
and the after there’s airy restored know folks best
the you’re draft heading left Point that to

and in the Ts head left the for high
you’re well then or reason 170 deft paces
up and your trails snowy meet continue
to here’s the trail why the once low – the trees

sleeve tree off the from then the – the a found PiPress
goes well-suited for 40 small a puck trail with to there
place a races a to tonight large paces, is right
where down it’s go is uprooted
With the final clue, we reveal the site of the 2016 Treasure Hunt medallion: Bald Eagle-Otter Lake Regional Park at the northern edge of Ramsey County. Once connected by trolley and rail lines to St. Paul and Minneapolis — and now by airport — the lake has long been a place for city dwellers to escape the noise of the cities.

In order, the stanzas direct hunters to park at the boat ramp on Bald Eagle, then go on a little hike north to a restored prairie. By following the main path west, hunters head toward the woods on Benson Point — namesake to the family that used to farm the peninsula. When the trail ends at a T-intersection just inside the woods, hunters need to go left for 170 paces. At that point, the trail splits. Follow either path — they both meet up again at the top of a hill. Continue on another 40 paces and look for a small path down to the right. Keep on going until a large, uprooted tree is visible to the right. The medallion, with the St. Paul city skyline etched into it, is hidden to the left of the roots in a Pioneer Press newspaper sleeve, along with a moist towelette.
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